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Merry Everything || Holiday Gift Guide

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It's the most wonderful time of the year! Are you not done with your holiday shopping and still need some ideas on what to get for your four-legged best friend? Or for that two-legged friend of yours who is obsessed with their dog (like I am)? Fear no more! This is a quick holiday gift guide for you that's a little bit more practical than most but nonetheless, still thoughtful.


DogPuzzleToy copy.jpg

Dog Puzzle Toy - Keep your pup staying sharp by exercising and challenging their mind with a fun puzzle toy. There are a variety of puzzle toys out there that does a good job for mental stimulation and this mad scientist puzzle is no exception. It initially took Cooper about 10-15 minutes to learn the puzzle toy's mechanism but once it clicked for him, he refused to leave it alone. Often time he would beg me to refill it with treats just so he can dispense it on his own!

ChuckIt! Fetch Toy - A tired dog is a happy dog, is the saying. If there's one thing Cooper loves more than food, it would be his ChuckIt. This is a great invention for dog owners that are tired of picking up dirty-slobbery ball off the ground and having to repetitively throw it. The ChuckIt is great for dogs who loves to play fetch!

Unleash the Hound Pendleton Bandana - Pendleton exhumes the feel of rustic and All-American. So when Unleash the Hound started using their wool fabric for bandanas, I jumped the gun immediately and bought a few. If you are the type of person to dress up your dog, this Pendleton bandana is durable to withstand your active pup. It has held up very well on all our adventures (seen here and here). Bandana pictured is a size medium.



Trax-Ties Bow Tie - Stay classy with some on-trend neckwear for your pup. This is a perfect addition to your pup's wardrobe for special occasions or just any regular day out on the town. Cooper wore it for his birthday dinner and he was looking extra fine. Bow-ties pictured are a size medium.

Whistle 3 - Activity Monitor & GPS Tracker - This piece of technology will give any dog owner peace of mind in case their pup gets lost. As a GPS tracker, I can set a safe zone around my house and if Cooper were to ever leave, I would get an alert via text on how far he has gone. The battery life is great as it can last up to 7 days on a full charge and uses cellular network for the GPS tracking (you would have to pay a subscription for the GPS tracking). The activity monitor feature that's also built in is good for keeping track of how much daily exercise they are getting. 

Bearytail Leather Collar & Leash - If you're up to splurging a little bit on your pup on something custom and luxurious that will last a lifetime, consider a collar and leash made out of 100% latigo leather. The collar is custom-made to the exact measurement of your pup's neck circumference in order to ensure the perfect fit without any loose ends. It exhumes both quality and comfortability. These collars and leashes are hand-stitched in order to provide long-lasting durability. It upholds itself very well on our wilderness and urban hikes.


LongDogClothing Reversible Sweater - One of the struggle of being a dogmom to a long-bodied pup is finding clothes that fits them properly (proportionally wise). LongDogClothing designed their reversible sweater specifically for long-bodied dogs. It's perfect for snow days when I want to keep Cooper warmer while he romps in the snow. It provides ample chest coverage for any low-rider. Sweater pictured is a size medium.

Ruffwear Swamp Cooler - A cooling vest is a fantastic outdoor (or indoor) gear for your pup when it gets too hot. The swamp cooler helps to provide protection from the sun and cooling through evaporation. I would just simply douse the vest with cold water and Cooper will get cooled down from the hot weather. This was the perfect gear for when Cooper and I went to Arizona/Utah in August to hike The Wave. Cooper was able to do 6+ miles in 80+ degrees weather without any signs of heat exhaustion thanks to having plenty of water, shade rest, and the swamp cooler. Cooling vest pictured is a size small.

Lightning Soft Paws: Paw Cream - Soften and improve the condition of your pup's paws by applying paw cream a few times a week. By doing so, it'll help keep your pup's paws in tip-toe shape. After all, dogs' paws are the most used area. The paw creams are made from shea butter with essential oils which provides an effective way to naturally condition their paws. A must-have after a long day out and about.



Dogs > People Pin - A little pin to show the world that you preferred dog interaction over human interaction any day of the year, because truth be told...dogs are amazing creatures.

Dremal 7700 Rotary Tool - A great tool for any dog owner out there that wants to save money on nail trimming. The rotary tool is a much better alternative than the guillotine nail clipper. It allows better control while simultaneously trims and files your dog's nails. Learn more about how to get started on using a Dremel here.

Pardon the Dog Hair Pillow - Being a dog owner means putting up with fur on everything (I find Cooper's fur in my food on numerous occasions). Let your guests know that they're expected to find fur, one way or another, on them the moment they leave. This decorative pillow makes for a great couch statement and allows you to not have to apologize for your furry best friend.

Food Dehydrator - Not only is this a great product for dog owners, it's great for anyone who wants to dehydrate food (fruit rollup, banana chips, you name it!). Although it is especially useful for dog owners since you'll be able to make homemade dog treats with just one ingredient: meat. For those that are just starting out, check out this simple chicken jerky recipe using the dehydrator. This also makes for a great housewarming gift!


Furbo Dog Camera - Peekaboo, I see you! This is what you can say to your dog when you're gone and want to know what they're up to while you're away. Usually I see Cooper chilling in the living room with his trap music via through the Furbo. The Furbo dog camera has 2-way audio and smart dog alerts that makes interacting with Cooper easy and fun through my iPhone. I can also dispense treats with the Furbo as well. Although when I do this, he never leaves the Furbo and would just wait in front of it for more treats (typical). Just remember to fill the dog camera with easy to launch treats. 

Dog Carrier - Get to and from places with your dog more efficiently with a dog carrier. I typically use this canvas carrier for when I take Cooper on the bus or train with me. It keeps him safe from being stepped when the bus gets crowded. It also provides Cooper with comfort, since he knows he's safe as long as he's in the bag with me next to him. The dog carrier also helps to keep me at ease since I don't have to worry about Cooper's fur getting on other people. We typically like to keep to ourselves when we're on public transit. Dog carrier pictured is a size extra large.

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Well there you have it! I hope this was somewhat a helpful guide for you while you're in search of the perfect holiday gift for your four or two-legged friend. If you have any questions for us, feel free to leave a comment down below.

To you and yours, we wish you a Merry Everything and a Happy Always!

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