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Photography || First Engagement Shoot

A year ago, I had a coworker who asked me to photoshoot for her engagement. I respectfully declined since I didn't feel adequate enough to photograph two people sharing their happiness with one another. At the time, I was borrowing my boyfriend's family DSLR, the Canon 7D with a EFS 18-135MM lens. It didn't provide the kind of quality I wanted for an engagement shoot.

Now a year later, another coworker asked me if I can photoshoot her recent engagement. I accepted this offer and thought to myself that I am ready to step out of my comfort zone of photographing dogs to doing an engagement shoot. 

Equipped with a Sony Alpha A7R II with an FE 28MM f/2 lens, we all set out to Lands Ends for a sunset engagement shoot. The weather on this day was beautiful, which made for a stunning sunset at the beach. 

20180204-DSC03149 copy.jpg
20180204-DSC03198 copy.jpg
20180204-DSC03405 copy.jpg
20180204-DSC03297 copy.jpg
20180204-DSC03348 copy.jpg
20180204-DSC03465 copy.jpg
20180204-DSC03474 copy.jpg
20180204-DSC03704 copy.jpg
20180204-DSC03741 copy.jpg
20180204-DSC03733 copy.jpg
20180204-DSC03809 copy.jpg
20180204-DSC03572 copy.jpg

A huge congrats to K & B on their engagement! This was definitely a lot of fun and I would wholeheartedly do it again.