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Chicken Jerky Recipe

Chicken jerky is becoming one of my favorite things to make for Cooper. It's affordable and simple to make, not to mention that it's healthy too! Long gone are the days I spent my time in a pet food store reading ingredients on treat bags and wondering why some commercial jerky has more than 2-3 ingredients (it's just dehydrated meat!). Now that I have a dehydrator at home, treat making has become a weekly occurrence/obsession. 

The recipe below is SUPER simple, you can create it with your eyes close! Honest to goodness. I made so much chicken jerky in the past month where I ended up giving some to our friends and co-workers for their dogs. Not to toot my own horn or anything but it was a big hit and drools were everywhere! If you have time on your hands and a little bit of pocket money, I suggest you give jerky making a try.


1 Food Dehydrator
1 Airtight Container 
1 Pastry Brush w/ Bristles
1 Sharp Knife


2 lbs of Chicken Breast
1 TBSP Coconut Oil


1. Prep your station. When handling raw meat, make sure your station is wiped down clean and that you washed your hands thoroughly.
2. Wash the chicken breasts under cold running water. Pat it dry and set it on top of your clean cutting board.
3. Get your sharp knife and start cutting the excess fat off the chicken. Then start slicing the chicken breasts into thin pieces.
4. Lay your slices on the food dehydrator tray.
5. Melt your coconut oil to liquid form. Use a pastry brush and start brushing a thin layer of coconut oil on the chicken slices.
6. Set dehydrator temperature to 160°F for 6 hours.
7. Remove chicken jerky when done into a airtight container.
8. Give some to your dog to enjoy! It's also tasty for humans too.

Notes & Tips: 

  • For easy slicing, make sure the chicken breasts are half-frozen (take it out of the freezer and let it sit for 1 hour). 
  • Since this chicken jerky recipe contained no artificial or natural preservatives, put it into the freezer for longer lasting.
Cooper doing "hold it" trick with a chicken jerky on his nose. Boop!

Cooper doing "hold it" trick with a chicken jerky on his nose. Boop!