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Craft Fair Junkie || West Coast Craft

Anyone here a craft fair junkie like myself? Ever since I moved to San Francisco almost 2 years ago, I've been to almost every craft fair in the city. To name a few, there was Renegade, Etsy, and Urban Air. This was my first time at the West Coast Craft Fair, hosted at the Fort Mason Pavillion.

The West Coast Craft Fair happens biannually and showcases curated art and design, featuring the best of the west coast (best coast..IMO). 

Tip: Parking is practically free everywhere in the city on Sundays, this includes the parking lot just outside of Fort Mason. It's worth going to the fairs hosted at Fort Mason right when they open since you might be guaranteed a parking spot nearby. 

Holly Coley Designs

Holly Coley Designs

Is it dog-friendly? Fort Mason, for the most part, is dog-friendly. This is according to my past experience and the amount of time I've been to Fort Mason with Cooper. Sometimes it depend on the type of craft fair. I have taken Cooper during Renegade and book fair at Fort Mason without running into any trouble. If your dog is well-behaved, there shouldn't be any. The WCC Fair didn't say "no dogs allowed" when we walked in at 10AM. It wasn't until after we left two hours later that the "no dogs allowed" sign went up. People in SF like to say "fuck it, I'm gonna do it anyways." If your dog is small and can fit in a bag, just take them inside and carry them (wink wink). When in doubt, just bring your dog (remember to keep your dog close). The worst that can happen to you is security telling you nicely to leave. 

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our time at WCC. Cooper received a plethora of kisses and hugs, while I got to indulged in people's amazing craftsmanship.