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We Made a Blog || 7 Facts About Us

Hello there friend(s), thank you for stopping by! This would mean that you've taken an interest in us and we couldn't be more thrilled to have you here, reading our every word. 

To briefly start: I'm Kim, the human behind the corgi, who picks up Cooper's poop on a daily basis. This blog will be written from my point of view, that of a dog-parent. Cooper will sit idly on the side and proofread. I'll occasionally refer myself in third person as "the author", "the corgmom", "your majesty", etc.. If there are any confusion, just holla. 

In this first blog post, you'll be reading 7 interesting facts about Cooper and his corgmom (that's me!). I know, good stuff going on here already. Amirite?! Okay then, let's get started!

i. cooper is bilingual

To help my parents (aka Cooper's grandpawrents) better communicate with him, I taught Coops Vietnamese! He knows sit, down, roll over, come, touch, spin, wait, shake, tap and hello command in Vietnamese and with/without hand signals. Technically, Cooper is Trilingual in English, Vietnamese, and Dog-lish. 

ii. cooper was raised in college

Cooper entered my life in a whirlwind chain of events at the end of fall quarter during my senior year. He was pretty much an unplanned pregnancy. It only made sense to take Coops with me to my classes and work. He was my study buddy and stress-reliever. Cooper double majored in Barkonomics and Psypawlogy. You can say that he is college educated! 

iii. kim lived in the Netherlands for a year

Ik kan Nederlands spreken, I can speak Dutch. Super basic though. In 2013 B.C. (Before Cooper), I studied abroad in the Netherlands at Utrecht University. The tulip fields are just as breathtakingly beautiful in person as they are in photographs. The year spent abroad was truly the year that I discovered my love for traveling. I have traveled to more than 12 countries and the list continues to grow.

iv. there is another cooper, his name is chopper

Cooper has a biological brofur named Chopper (@chopperthecorgi)! He is the only littermate we know of. They were born on October 15, 2014. Cooper and Chopper have practically the same face and smile! In terms of coat color, Chopper is sable/white and Cooper is red/white. Sadly, their breeder passed away when they were just born. So the lineage dies with Cooper and Chopper. By the way, their names are purely coincidental! 

v. kim once binge-watched 11 seasons of Grey's Anatomy in 2 weeks

Ahhh that limbo state between graduation and finding a real adult job. During this timeframe, I became hooked-on-phonics with each gripping episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Granted, I have never seen any episodes prior to the binge. I have heard many things about Grey's and gave it a chance. Boy, did I binged. Spent a good +11,800 minutes for roughly 14 days. I am a force to be wrecken with.

vi. cooper is a registered therapy dog

1.5 years in the making! Whooo! Cooper and I are registered under Therapy Dog International (TDI), a national registrar that provides qualified handler and their therapy dog(s) to do visitations. We passed the TDI test on July 2016. The test lasted about 1.5 hours. Before the test, we trained practically every day and couldn't be more happy with the outcome!

Cooper and I are currently doing visits at an Alzheimer Residential Care. We try to actively do visits 2-3 times a month and each visit last about 30 minutes. 

vii. kim touched Beyoncé's hand at a concert in germany

It. Was. Magical. My friend and I bought tickets to see Beyonce for the Mrs. Carter World Tour in Köln, Germany. There was a lottery going around before the concert where you can donate €3 and get a chance to be selected for a free VIP upgrade (they gave me a pink sticker as proof of donation). I got selected after the intermission for the free VIP upgrade and sat in the area next to the small center stage, where Beyonce walked on during her ballads. Indeed I got to touched Queen Bey as she was singing. Blessed.

You made it to the bottom of the post! Did anything surprise you? Leave a comment below about an interesting fact of yours.