The Corgi Truth: Weight Matters

Believe it or not, corgis LOVE to eat (mine 100% does). And if they are left alone with an unlimited amount of food, most corgis will just eat themselves to death. Those pleading eyes can be hard to resist when they're begging for more food. But if you give in, you're doing a huge disservice to your corgi's health. Who can resist the look of adoration? It's just too cute! But you know what is not cute? A fat, overweight corgi.

There's a misconception going on around the corgi community that a corgi should look round and pudgy. Too many viral videos involved overweight corgis strutting their butt and just looking THICC (see slang definition here). This is not okay.  A corgi should have a waistline with a visible abdominal tuck just below the ribcage.


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Travelog XII PNW: Bend, Oregon

“Let’s go to Oregon again,” I randomly suggested one day after Thanksgiving. And so, the day after Christmas, we drove back to San Francisco from Los Angeles after spending the holiday with friends and family from back home. We made it back early enough and spent the remainder of the day unpacking and packing for Bend.


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Essentials Checklist for New Dog Parents

Dogs are amazing and becoming a dog owner is a huge responsibility! There is a lifelong commitment that is involved and being a first time dog owner can be overwhelming. I remembered when I was rushing to gather all the materials needed for Cooper. Whether you are bringing home a puppy or adopting a shelter pup, I have compiled a list of the basic essentials you would need to get started. So don’t fret too much, everything will be okay!